The ultimate in check printing security and automation.

Check-Secure utilizes user-programmable ‘flash’ cards which can be programmed with sensitive data such as signatures, logos, MICR fonts, bar codes and more. Authorized users simply insert the secure card prior to a check run to activate stored signatures, logos, MICR fonts and more. When the print job is complete, simply remove the secure card and resources are erased from access by bad guys with bad intentions.

In addition, Check-Secure features password protection access, ability to disable page re-prints (eliminate possibility for duplicate check prints), audit report of check printing history, and an optional key-lock option for yet another level of security.

Check-Secure technology can offer a simple and inexpensive electronic (laser) form alternative to expensive e-form and e-check printing systems on the market today. Check-Secure has the ability to store form overlays, signatures, logos, special fonts (such as MICR, barcodes and signatures), all of which can be called and overlaid in an cross-platform, accounting software independent, and laser printer independent environment.

Check-Secure is platform and laser printer independent, since it can be moved from host to host and printer to printer, as needed. Other printer storage devices - flash cards, DIMM cards, hard drives, etc. - on the market will be built into the printer. Check-Secure can simply be plugged into the new laser printer with all the stored resources in place.

Check-Secure can be ordered with a simple designer to design forms or check overlays, logos, signatures, etc. Once the forms and graphics are complete, they can be simply programmed into a Check-Secure removable flash card, and called from the printing application.

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