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Introduces a PCL to PDF Converter - iPDF

Check-Secure can be moved from one host to another, and from one laser printer to another as needed. Many typical competitive offerings, for printer resident storage are BUILT INTO THE LASER PRINTER and cannot be ported from one environment to another.

Check-Secure can be ordered with image design tools that can be used to create check overlays, logos, signatures and more. Once the graphic design process has been completed it can be stored in the Check-Secure removable flash card, and called from the printing application as needed. ACCEL can provide consulting advice on how to integrate Check-Secure into most printing environments.

Please contact Accel at (800) 693-3933 to obtain more information. Go to our contact page to receive a free 21-day Check-Secure evaluation kit.

To contact a sales representative please give us a call.

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